About Elosys

Elosys constitutes a blockchain initiative that operates in a decentralized manner, relying on a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus. This project emphasizes resistance to censorship while maintains the public accessibility. Its core objective is to facilitate robust privacy assurances for each transaction, through zkSNARK and ZKPs.

We've developed Elosys as a novel cryptocurrency, built to facilitate user-friendly, fully-private payments, closely aligning with the Sapling protocol and Iron Fish. Each account is furnished with a view key, providing its holder with read-only access to the account details.

Through this protocol, we aim to redefine traditional full node usability. The Elosys networking layer seamlessly incorporates WebRTC with WebSockets, simplifying the process for users to establish genuine peer-to-peer connections without any additional setup requirements. Our initial implementation of Elosys is designed to allow future iterations to support running a full node directly in the browser. Our primary emphasis is on reducing entry barriers, ensuring that anyone with a computer can confidently run a full node.

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