Artificial Intelligence Layers

It is import to emphasize that we are actively exploring opportunities to enhance scalability and security through the implementation of two AI layer. However, it's important to note that this aspect is currently under thorough study and evaluation. As we delve into the complexities of integrating artificial intelligence into our blockchain, we are committed to ensuring a meticulous and comprehensive examination to guarantee optimal outcomes. Stay tuned for updates as we progress in our efforts to bring cutting-edge advancements to our network.

Automated Anomaly Detection

This can be integrated as a security layer within the Elosys network. By continuously monitoring transactions and network activity, the AI system can quickly identify unusual patterns that may indicate security threats, like potential hacks or fraudulent activities. Once detected, the system can trigger alerts or take predefined actions to mitigate risks.

Predictive Analytics for Network Optimization

This feature can be used to analyze historical and real-time network data to predict future states. It can help in foreseeing periods of high transaction volumes, allowing Elosys to dynamically adjust its resources and protocols to maintain optimal speed and efficiency. This proactive approach can enhance user experience by reducing latency and improving transaction throughput.

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