Genesis Block

Heavily related to the wrapped coin tokenomics, the genesis block will be allocated as follows. Please see the next section for descriptions of each category.

Public Sale - 55% - 23,100,000 $ELO

The public sale is scheduled to occur on a decentralized launchpad, aimed at optimizing the circulation supply to its fullest extent. As part of this initiative, 55% of the genesis block will be strategically distributed among public buyers, thereby ensuring a broad and inclusive distribution.

This distribution model represents a commitment to fostering widespread participation and engagement within the community. The entire Token Generation Event (TGE) encompasses a comprehensive allocation strategy, aligning with the goal of maximizing the token's accessibility and establishing a robust foundation for its future utility, in one word no vesting schedule.

Liquidity Pool - 20% - 8,400,000 $ELO

In order to establish a robust liquidity pool and enhance the overall circulation supply, a strategic allocation of 20% of the genesis block will be dedicated to the Uniswap Liquidity Pool (LP). This deliberate allocation aims to fortify liquidity mechanisms, providing ample opportunities for seamless trading while concurrently optimizing the token's availability within the broader market ecosystem.

Initially, the liquidity pool is subject to a one-year lock period, ensuring a stable and secure foundation for the token's liquidity dynamics. This strategic locking mechanism serves to instill confidence in stakeholders.

Future Endorsement - 14% - 5,880,000 $ELO

This additional coin supply is designed to sustain ongoing Elosys operations effectively. This supply undergoes a stringent 3-month lock-up period, followed by a methodical linear vesting process spanning 24 months.

This strategic approach not only bolsters the long-term stability of the Elosys ecosystem but also aligns with a gradual and measured distribution, promoting sustained value and operational resilience over an extended timeframe. Locked & Vested on Team Finance:

Core Team - 10% - 4,200,000 $ELO

The core builders of Elosys embody a fervent and determined ethos, investing countless hours, rigorous effort, and at times, the passionate expression of dedication to forge a product of unparalleled strength. It is not an exaggeration to assert that Elosys owes its very existence to these individuals, whose unwavering commitment and contributions have played an instrumental role in shaping the project into its robust and resilient form.

Coins allocated to the core team undergo a preliminary 1-month lock-up period, followed by a systematic linear vesting process spanning a duration of 12 months. Locked & Vested on Team Finance:

Advisors - 1% - 420,000 $ELO

Expressing gratitude for the invaluable guidance and unwavering support from our esteemed advisors has been a cornerstone of our project development. As we navigate the trajectory of expansion, their insights will be instrumental, contributing significantly to our journey.

Advisors' coins are subject to an initial lock-up period of 1 month, after which they enter a carefully structured linear vesting schedule extending over 9 months. This deliberate approach ensures a phased and consistent release of advisor coins, promoting a sustained and responsible distribution strategy for the benefit of the project and its stakeholders. Locked & Vested on Team Finance:

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